How Girly Guide To Bathroom Products

OMG...I just dropped by a friend's house and saw the weirdest thing ever.  This contraption looked like a kids booster seat and a stool had a baby.  Now as most of my friends know, I live eat and sleep Shark Tank - the show that seems to have some of the meanest and fiercest business competitors vying to snap up small business ideas and make them big.  Okay...back on point. So one episode they showed the inventors of this weird contraption that makes the bathroom experience a little more easier on your colon. My friend says to me "this really works", and added "my husband swears by it".  To know my friend's husband is to know one of the most skeptical individuals in the world, but a real cool guy.  So I put it on my shopping list for my next foray into one of my favorite home good haunts which was 2 days later.  I picked up the "Squatty Potty", brought it home and pushed it flush to my toilet, then followed the recommended feet placement and it was the most comfortable experience, and my colon thanked my for it.  I first thought that the $24.95 was a little high for this new piece of bathroom furniture, but a healthier colon is priceless!  I just need the "Squatty Potty" in different colors to match my black toilet and the one in the pink bathroom.

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